Professional artists will offer student participants a series of workshops in Clown, Auditioning, Filmmaking, Acting, and Igniting the Creative Process.


“Find Your Funny” w/ Naomi Shafer

Clowns turn power dynamics upside down, sometimes literally. This introductory clown workshop has an emphasis on comic timing, audience engagement, and physical comedy.  In a safe and supportive environment, discover new ways to express yourself non verbally and engage people through laughter. 

Tuesday, September 5 | 11am-1pm MCFA 232


“Igniting the Creative Process” w/ John McGrew

In Igniting the Creative Process, we don’t sit around waiting for creative inspiration to strike – we actively seek out our muses. This class will introduce tools and tricks to unlock our wild imaginations in the early stages of the creative process.  

Wednesday, September 6 | 10-11am MCFA 232


“Preparation is the Work” w/ Keith Randolph Smith

This class is about auditioning for the stage. Based in relaxation and focus as techniques, the goal is to de-mystify the process of auditioning, inspiring the ideas of enjoying the experience and having fun.

Wednesday, September 6 | 2:30-5:30pm MCFA 232


“Self-Generated Shorts” w/ Megan Ketch and Alan Petherick

This workshop will examine the process of creating a short film. Following an introduction and short film screening, Megan and Alan will moderate a film discussion, unpacking the production process (budgets, casting, lookbooks) and invite students to generate a short film idea of their own.

Thursday, September 7 | 3pm-6pm AXINN 232

“Character Building through Energy Centers” w/ Ro Boddie

Through an exploration of energy centers and character objectives/actions, this class will offer practical, accessible tools for approaching a role.

Friday, September 8 | 2:30-4pm