MIDDSummer Play Lab 2017 Calendar

Sept 4-Sept 10


at Middlebury College



Sun, Sept 3

Student access to dorm rooms and meal plan begin at 9am


Mon, Sept 4

Guest Artists Arrive


Tues, Sept 5th (MCFA 232)

10-11am Company Intro, Ensemble Work w/ Tara

11am-1pm “Find Your Funny”, Clown workshop w/ Naomi

1-2:30pm Lunch

2:30-3:30pm Keith In-Process Sharing and Discussion

3:30-5:30pm Lucky Penny Read-Through and Discussion

6pm Welcome Dinner at Liz and Jim Robinson’s (1043 Sheep Farm Rd, Weybridge)


Wed, Sept 6th (MCFA 232)

10am-11am “Igniting the Creative Process” w/ John McGrew

11am-1pm A Fast Nickel In-Process Sharing and Discussion

1-2:30pm Lunch

2:30-5:30pm “Preparation is the Work”,  Audition Technique w/ Keith

5:30-7pm Dinner

7-9pm Dick Mitchell Makes a Comeback Read-Through and Discussion


Thurs, Sept 7th (Axinn Center 232)

3:00-6:00pm “Self-Generated Shorts” w/ Megan & Alan


Fri, Sept 8th (MCFA 232 & Seeler)

10am-1pm A Fast Nickel Rehearsal

1-2:30pm Lunch

2:30-4:30pm “Character Building through Energy Centers”, Acting Technique w/ Ro

4:30-5:30pm A Fast Nickel Rehearsal



Sat, Sept 9th (MCFA 232)

10am-1pm Invited Sharing & Closing Reflections

1-2:30pm Lunch & Q&A with Kristen Connolly and Guest Artists (Coltraine)

5:00-7pm – Faculty & Staff Garden Party


Sun, Sept 10th

Guest Artists Depart (Check Out at Noon)