PlayLab 2013
by Emily Feldman ’07
Directed by Jesse Holland
with Kristen Connolly, Tara Giordano, and Joseph Varca

PlayLab 2013 | The Pilot Project by Emily Feldman

Eve and Savannah are flight attendants and sisters. 8 years since they last spoke, a chance encounter on a transatlantic flight reunites them. Struggling with how to bridge the distance between them from New York to Rome, a suspiciously charismatic passenger forces a showdown between them. Emily Feldman’s play explores family, the magic of transformation, and the possibilities for change.

Workshopped over the course of one week, with Jesse Holland ’02 as director, the play had its first staged reading on June 8th, 2013. The cast included Kristen Connolly ’02, Tara Giordano ’02, and Joseph Varca ’02. 

Master Classes | Year 1

Over the course of three master classes, the MSPL Year 1 group of students were introduced to on-camera techniques and practiced scripted and unscripted material in front of the camera. They worked specifically on television and film material and received one-on-one feedback and adjustments from our professional teaching artists. Makeup artist, Sophruka Fukukawa ’16, provided an on-camera makeup tutorial for the students.

As a culmination to the week, students were able to apply what they had learned to the taping of a professional, polished 2-minute actor demo, consisting of a scene or monologue. These demos are a vital industry tool for young actors that don’t yet have work to add to a professional reel. 

Click the images below to view the final product.

The Students

Melissa MacDonald ’15, Theatre; Global Health Minor
Rachel Goodgal, ’13, Theatre
Christina Fox, ’13.5, Theatre, Arabic Minor
Caitlin Duffy, ’15.5, Theatre
Meghan Leathers, ’13.5, Theatre
Sarah Lusche, ’13, Theatre/Political Science (Double)
Leah Sarbib, ’15.5, Theatre/English (Joint)
Mari Vial-Golden, ’14, Theatre

Haley Robsinson